P-38 Screen Saver for Win95

This is a shareware screensaver that uses multiple .jpg, .gif & .bmp images in a slideshow format with some nice fade in and fade out effects. Wild Bill has included in this package three large color photos of P-38s in flight.

Install Instructions - Read Carefully

Create a directory named "wildbill" and download the .sipped file to that directory. Unzip the file and run "setup". This will install the screensaver engine in the appropriate directory. Then select "Start", go to "Control Panel" select "Display" and the "Screen Saver". Select "Images" from the available screen savers. Select "Settings" and delete the files listed in the left box. Select "Add Files", go to the "wildbill" directory that you made and then choose the files named:


Click the "use file list" box. Various options under "Transitions" will control how the images are shown. We like "cave out" after the "enable transitions" box has been checked. Feel free to experiment. After you are done select "apply" and your screen saver will run.


The engine powering this screensaver was created by ESM Software in Canada and will contain a narrow white band at the top of the screen with their name. The band can be removed by paying ESM their shareware fee of approximately $20. Without or without the band we are sure you will agree that this is a very unique and quality product.
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